Water sports for groups in the heart of Limburg

Thanks to the Maasplassen, River Meuse and River Roer, Central Limburg is a mecca for people who love water sports or recreational activities.

There are lots of ways to spend an enjoyable day out with your group on or in the water. 

You can take a boat trip on the Maasplassen lakes and combine it with a visit to the ‘little white town’ of Thorn, the fortified town of Stevensweert or the historic village of Wessem.  

If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary, you could hire a private yacht complete with captain or go sailing, canoeing, rafting or flyboarding.  

So there are plenty of options for groups to enjoy a day out on or in the water in the heart of Limburg!


This 2 hour long canoeing trip takes you through a beautiful and diverse countryside of woodlands, rolling fields and pastures.

Discover the Roer by canoe

You are welcomed in Thorn with a cup of coffee/tea and a lovely piece of traditional cake from Limburg (vlaai).

Guided tour through Thorn and boat trip on the river Meuse

Tijdens dit exclusieve bezoek aan de bediencentrale krijg je aan de hand van een korte presentatie en filmpjes meer informatie over het werk van Rijkswaterstaat en de bediencentrale.

Rondleiding bediencentrale Rijkswaterstaat en havenrondvaart

We are Proud to present this special program. View the city of Roermond and the extensive system of lakes during a boat trip while Lazing in a chair.

The seven sins of Roermond

Een actief en sportief programma lekker buiten en op het water incl. een kaartleestocht, vlotbouwen, kompaskoersschieten en vlotvaren!

vlotvaren op de Maasplassen



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