Venray in North Limburg

Venray in North Limburg

Venray is the central municipality in the northwest of Limburg. Together with 13 church villages, it is characterized by beautiful and versatile nature. The city of Venray has a pleasant center.

The municipality is best known for its remembrance tourism. The German war cemetery in IJsselsteyn and the war museum in Overloon are close by.

The municipality of Venray is ideal for a walking and / or cycling holiday. There is a walking junction network and a cycling junction network. Thanks to its central location, you can quickly reach cities such as Venlo, Roermond, Nijmegen and Eindhoven.

Most famous church villages of the municipality of Venray

Wanssum, fun along the Maas

Wanssum is located along the Maas and has a marina with 200 modern berths, with all necessary amenities, including a cozy café with terrace.

IJsselsteyn, place of remembrance

IJsselsteyn is best known for its German military cemetery, the only one in the Netherlands. Memories of the Second World War are kept alive here, together with the war museum in nearby Overloon.

Smakt, pilgrimage site

Smakt is known as a place of pilgrimage for Saint Joseph. Around his name day (March 19), many pilgrims visit the small chapel of Saint Joseph (1699). Because the Pieterpad runs along the church, it is known to many walkers. The Pieterpad also passes the church village of Geijsteren.