Sailing map of the Maasplassen in Limburg

With the sailing map of the Maasplassen you will be well prepared to sail through the largest contiguous water sports area in the Netherlands. The practical information on this water chart comes in handy during your boat trip on the Maasplassen.

Locations of marinas and passenger harbors

On the sailing map you will find the locations of various marinas and passenger harbors. For any repairs or for supplies / accessories for your boat, water sports shops and companies that offer yacht service are indicated on the map.

Bridges, locks and bunkering stations on the Maasplassen

Bridges and locks that you can encounter while sailing on the Maasplassen are also indicated on the map, as are the bunker stations where you can refuel your boat. At the trailer ramps you can launch the boat or take it out of the water when the trip is over. For sunny relaxation, the numerous day beaches in the area are also indicated on the sailing map of the Maasplassen.

Sailing map of the Maasplassen