Peel en Maas in North Limburg

Day out in the municipality of Peel en Maas

The municipality of Peel en Maas includes the villages of Baarlo, Beringe, Egchel, Grashoek, Helden, Kessel, Kessel-Eik, Koningslust, Maasbree, Meijel and Panningen.

Peel en Maas is best known for its rich culture and nature. You can also enjoy walking and cycling via the network nodes.

Most famous church villages of the municipality of Peel en Maas

Baarlo, castle village

The characteristic Baarlo is located on the Maas and has 4 castles. There is a beautiful cycling route along these castles.

Helden, Heldense Bossen

In Helden and surroundings you can especially enjoy the nature in the Heldense Bossen.

Kessel, historic village

Kessel is one of the oldest villages on the Maas with a historic and pleasant center.

Meijel, entrance De Groote Peel

Meijel is an entrance area of ​​De Groote Peel National Park

Panningen, great shopping

Panningen is the central municipality of Peel en Maas. It is a village with a nice shopping center, where the weekly market on Wednesdays is particularly well attended.