Pavement café or beer garden in the heart of Limburg

Limburg has lots of pavement cafés and beer gardens, some of which are partially covered. Enjoying a cold beer, a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee with a slice of Limburg’s ‘vlaai’ is all part of the pleasure-loving lifestyle. Lounging at the water’s edge is another option.

Take a break from shopping, during your walk or cycle trip and relax outside a Limburg café. 

Take a seat at a café on one of the many squares in the historic town centres or villages or just somewhere along your route when you are out for a walk, bike ride or drive.

Increasing numbers of bars and restaurants now have free Wi-Fi, so you can check your mail or Facebook messages while enjoying a drink.

Brasserie/Lunchroom, Outdoor terrace

In Cafe 'Goeden' Dennenoord you will experience authentic Limburg hospitality, with a wink to the old days. Also a very suitable place for a (business) lunch or dinner!

Café or Bar, Brasserie/Lunchroom, Outdoor terrace

The cafe was founded in 1972 by brewer's son Ton Mathijsen. 'T Swaentje is now a Brand Tasting Room and a cozy pub for young and old. Here you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with Weerter flan from Bakkerij Vries, a glass of beer or fantastic wine. The honest gold that bears the name Brand flows from the tap.

Café 't Swaentje
Outdoor terrace

Gasterij de Stoof is located on the edge of the city of Weert, surrounded by lots of greenery and overlooking farmlands.

Gasterij Stoof
Brasserie/Lunchroom, Outdoor terrace

Oetsjanning De Meuleberg Coronaproof enjoy a snack and a drink and according to the RIVM guidelines.

De Meuleberg
Brasserie/Lunchroom, Outdoor terrace

We're open every Sunday from 11:00. If you would like to visit us outside opening hours, this is possible on request.

Ons Boerenerf
Restaurant, Outdoor terrace

The former prison of Roermond. Once the spot where nobody came voluntarily. Now a luxury hotel, where everyone with love will be locked.

Restaurant Roermond : Damianz