Pavement café or beer garden in the heart of Limburg

Limburg has lots of pavement cafés and beer gardens, some of which are partially covered. Enjoying a cold beer, a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee with a slice of Limburg’s ‘vlaai’ is all part of the pleasure-loving lifestyle. Lounging at the water’s edge is another option.

Take a break from shopping, during your walk or cycle trip and relax outside a Limburg café. 

Take a seat at a café on one of the many squares in the historic town centres or villages or just somewhere along your route when you are out for a walk, bike ride or drive.

Increasing numbers of bars and restaurants now have free Wi-Fi, so you can check your mail or Facebook messages while enjoying a drink.

Outdoor terrace

't Literatuurtje of Roermond is located in the library Bibliorura, Neerstraat 11. You can walk in for a coffee and a snack from the menu.

't Literatuurtje
Café or Bar, Outdoor terrace

Theater Hotel The Oranjerie is the preferred address in Roermond and far beyond for both business travelers and leisure guests.

Cafe Roermond: Cerise Grand Cafe
Outdoor terrace

Aan de rand van Weert in het dorp Stramproy ligt in de bossen gelegen de brasserie / lunchroom Het
Boshuis Nieuw Vosseven. Het restaurant met het grote terras heeft een prachtig uitzicht over het ven. Het Boshuis is een uitstekende uitvalsbasis voor wandelaars en fietsers,alsook ruiters.

Restaurant Nieuw Vosseven
Outdoor terrace

The terrace 'bie Sien' of Peters farmhouse is accessible to everyone.

Boerenterras 'Bie Sien'
Ice cream parlour, Outdoor terrace

Hospitable cafe with terraces on the Maas with a menu and traditional Italian scoop ice cream. Open daily from 10.00 am.

Gasterie De Knip
Outdoor terrace

Welcome to Grand Cafe Weerter Bazaar! The family restaurant par excellence.

Weerter bazaar
Outdoor terrace

In a beautiful and peaceful area in the southern Netherlands, near the village Neeritter lies Heioord.

Heioord Forellenvijver
Campsite, Outdoor terrace

Spikkerdal is a farm campsite and terrace in Asenray near Roermond. From our campsite you can enjoy cycling and walking. Our farm terrace is a resting place during your walk or bike ride.

Het Spikkerdal
Outdoor terrace

Ice cream is a whopping 2x Florence voted best ice cream in the Netherlands! Also, SVH master gelato Marcel Janssen already 4x ijsspatel won the gold.

IJssalon Florence eindigt op de 37ste plaats in de Gelato Festival Ranking!
Restaurant, Outdoor terrace

The former prison of Roermond. Once the spot where nobody came voluntarily. Now a luxury hotel, where everyone with love will be locked.

Restaurant Roermond : Damianz