Municipalities and surroundings in the heart of Limburg

The tourist region of Central Limburg comprises the municipalities of Beesel, Leudal, Maasgouw, Nederweert, Roerdalen, Roermond and Weert. The Tourist Information Office (VVV) for Central Limburg also works with the German municipalities Brüggen and Wassenberg just across the border.

The wide variety of what the municipalities have to offer makes Central Limburg a popular region for a long or short holiday or simply a day out.

Central Limburg is unique due to the combination of countryside, culture, water, shopping and having foreign countries nearby. The countryside with its national and cross-border parks is mainly represented in the municipalities of Roerdalen and Weert. 

You’ll find culture in every municipality. Visit the historic city centre of the Municipality of Roermond, the island in the River Meuse in the Municipality of Maasgouw and the ‘little white town’ of Thorn. But the many wind and watermills (especially in Leudal and Weert), castles and monuments also contribute to Central Limburg’s versatility. 

Water plays a major role in the heart of Limburg too. The River Meuse and the Maasplassen are the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands. You can take part in all sorts of water sports and other recreational activities here. The rivers Roer, Meuse and Swalm meander through the region. 

Central Limburg is a mecca for shoppers. Roermond has the Designer Outlet Roermond, its Retail Park, its home and garden mall and its city centre with a variety of shops. Weert too has many specialist shops, a covered shopping centre and lots of squares, making it a magnet for those who love shopping.

Apart from the combination of countryside, culture, shopping and water sports, Central Limburg also has the charm of foreign countries ‘next door’. You can eat ‘Kuchen’ in Germany, drink a refreshing beer outside a café in Belgium and return to Central Limburg to spend the night – all on the same day. 

  • Special villages in the heart of Limburg

    The villages and small towns in Central-Limburg all have their own characteristics.
    The key attractions can be found under the municipalities the villages belong to.

    We have selected a few exceptional villages.  

  • Thorn - the white town

  • Stevensweert - fortified town

  • Look across the border of Central Limburg

    Central Limburg is situated between Belgium and Germany. Due to this central position Central Limburg has an international allure.
    Travelling “abroad” to enjoy the beauty that is on offer there, is easily done!

    To the south central Limburg borders the municipality Echt-Susteren. 
    Find out more about the key attractions in this municipality.

  • The German town Wassenberg

  • Municipality of Echt - Susteren

  • The German town Brüggen