Ontdek de Geluksplekken in Roerdalen

Cycle path

Length: 66 km. This cycle route takes you through the municipality of Roerdalen, a quiet region in the middle of Limburg. The river Roer meanders through this landscape.

Meadows, fields and deciduous and coniferous forests stretch out around you. The route takes you, amongs others, through National Park de Meinweg, where you will find a plateau landscape that is unique for the Netherlands. If you like cycling, then this route has something extra in store for you. Twenty-five extras, to be precise. Because there are 26 locations along the route the inhabitants of Roerdalen have voted to be 'Geluksplekken' (literally: places of happiness).

Take your time to let these ‘Geluksplekken’ take effect on you. On route you'll pass through a number of picturesque villages. There's always a terrace where fresh flan or an extensive lunch is served. Because good food makes you happy too. A special brochure in which all the locations are described-  the travel guide to happiness- is available at the tourist offices (VVV's Midden-Limburg).

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Ontdek de Geluksplekken in Roerdalen
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66 km