Oetsjpanning De Meuleberg

Brasserie/Lunchroom, Outdoor terrace

Oetsjanning De Meuleberg Coronaproof enjoy a snack and a drink and according to the RIVM guidelines.

Opposite of the Prince Bernhard mill in the hilly landscape of central Limburg we (brother and sister) Bas and Karin van Bommel run Oetsjpanning "the Meuleberg", a combination of a restaurant with a beautiful terrace and an agricultural tools museum under one roof. 

Enjoy delicious local products from our own kitchen. We try to buy our raw materials as much as possible from our own farmers in the region and are therefore always fresh and seasonal. These dishes taste delicious with a freshly tapped Gulpener beer. 

The Gulpener Brewery: a conscious choice for sustainability, taste and top quality. In June 2001, the brewery published an Ambition Statement "Alliance with Nature". In it, as employees of the Gulpener Brewery, they state that sustainability and corporate social responsibility are guiding principles for the brewery's actions with the aim of brewing the tastiest beers.

Bas bakes the tastiest flans in his own kitchen. These may or may not have whipped cream on top of it and taste delicious with a cup of coffee or cappuccino. 

Coffee and flan are always fresh in our restaurant. From apple flan to spanish flan, pudding crumble, strawberries, gooseberries, apple lemon, plum flan with whipped cream and foam, Bas bakes everything! 

New is our Italian scoop ice cream, of which we also serve delicious coupes on the terrace, but also for a scoop of ice cream on a cone or in a bowl! 

You can also think of us as the start or end point of your hike, tour or bike tour. We are located at intersection 67 of the cycling network. A walking tour is also easy to make with the help of the intersections, an overview board offers you many possibilities to compose your own route. You will of course find this sign with us.

Contact information

Oetsjpanning De Meuleberg
Waterschei 71
0475 475 901

Opening hours

Tu , We : 11:00 - 18:00 hour,
Fr : 11:00 - 18:00 hour,
Sa : 11:00 - 20:00 hour,
Su: 10:00 - 20:00 hour.


Internet connection
freely available
Eating establishment
Geopend voor lunch
Eating establishment
Geopend voor diner
Disabled access
Toilet accessible for wheelchairs
Paid parking
Parking next to accommodation
Pets permitted
Charging point for electric bicycle
Payment options
reservation recommended in high season

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Oetsjpanning De Meuleberg

Oetsjpanning De Meuleberg

The Oetsjpanning Meuleberg is a great starting point for many hiking and biking routes through the Meinweg National Park and the Roer. Start of Walk-and Buttons is an idyllic spot on the edge of the Waterschei in Melick. Relax under the enjoyment of a cup of coffee or a Limburg draft beer, freshly prepared local products, salads or icecreams. And do not forget cake, fresh from our own oven! Also suitable for celebrations and parties