Limburgs Museum in Venlo


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The Limburgs Museum is a dynamic cultural history museum that tells and illustrates the stories of Limburgers, with families as the key target group. The collection of the Limburgs Museum illustrates those stories and invites interaction.

The museum shows high-profile alternating exhibitions about attractive and interesting subjects with familiar brands and names and organises attractive events that are accessible to the general public and constantly provide for innovation and sensation.

The Limburgs Museum is a museum that is an outing for the whole family, in good and bad weather, sensibly laid out, for everyone, with plenty of interaction and where there’s always something going on. Visitors come for (high-profile) and innovative (alternating) exhibitions and for varied events. The building of the Limburgs Museum also has a story of its own and creates added value through its history, the location and special architecture.

Special location

The museum stands on a spot where the city walls and fortifications of the City of Venlo were located over centuries. After they were demolished in 1870, the site was used as a marshalling yard for private railway companies, which maintained an important international link via Venlo. The oldest remaining filling station can also be found beside the station. This Esso filling station was built in 1933 and, since the seventies, has offered a roof for various institutions and companies. The history of the site was an important source of inspiration for the architect Jeanne Dekkers in the creation of her design for the museum.


Keulsepoort 5

5911 BX Venlo

Opening hours

Tu -Su: 11:00 - 17:00 hour.


Disabled access
Toilet accessible for wheelchairs
Own car park
Internet connection
freely available
Payment options
reservation not necessary
Charlotte Janssen