Golfodome KORTING Discgolf

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DISCOUNT LIMBURGCARD: EU 1,00 discount when you show your Limburgcard.

DISCOUNT LIMBURGCARD: € 1,00 discount when you show your Limburgcard. 

Discgolf is similar to traditional golf, only in stead of a
ball, they play with a disc, a frisbee. The object consists of a steel basket with chains (basket). Is the disc in the basket, you can go to the next hole. The winner is the one who travels the course in the fewest throws. Golfodome has an attractive course with six original american baskets built around the driving range. The round plays you played 3 times.

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Contact information

Golfodome KORTING Discgolf
077 476 2233

Opening hours

Mo 1 April 2019 including Tu 30 April 2019
We -Su: 09:30 hour,
We 1 May 2019 including Sa 31 August 2019
Tu -Su: 09:30 hour,
Su 1 September 2019 including Th 31 October 2019
We -Su: 09:30 hour.