Daytime beach AmiciBeach 'Am Effelder Waldsee'

Beach, Swimming pool

The Effelder Waldsee lies on the edge of the Meinweg National Park in beautiful natural surroundings. This 45 hectare lake surrounded by forests is home to daytime Amici Beach. A beautiful daytime beach where young and old can relax on summer days and where you can enjoy crystal clear water with the highest bathing quality throughout the summer.

Visitors will have the feeling of being on holiday for a day! There is a beautiful green sunbathing lawn with beautiful tree groups for shade, free use of various bouncy castles and attractions, hammocks to relax and opportunities for beach volleyball and football. For the tasty appetite there are fries, snacks, drinks and ice cream for sale. For a carefree stay there is supervision by lifeguards.

For our more adventurous visitors we offer our unique Aquapark. On the Effelderwaldsee float several attractions where both young and old can romp around. The Aquapark consists of several floating slides, Free Fall of 5 meters, water ski track, climbing towers, trampolines and other attractions that can be used by up to 8 people at the same time. At the Aquapark safety is paramount and wearing a life jacket is mandatory.

Entrance fees Daytime Amici Beach €4,- Children up to 3 years old do not pay an entrance fee.

Entrance fees Aquapark Amici Beach: day ticket € 10,- and 1/2 hour ticket € 4,-.

Contact information

Bruchstrasse 32
+49 2432 8969283

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Amici Beach

An amazingly spectacular floating bouncy castle course on the crystal clear lake of the "Effelder Waldsee".

Amici Beach

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The Effelder Waldsee lies on the edge of the Meinweg National Park in beautiful natural surroundings. Amici Beach and Beachclub are situated on a 45 hectare lake surrounded by woods.

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Amici Lodges am Effelder Waldsee

Amici Lodges 'am Effelder Waldsee'. This recently built 4 **** campsite features picturesque wooden Woodlodges for 2 and 4 persons. Equipped with a kitchenette with water, hob and fridge.

Amici Beach

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Just across the border at Roermond-Vlodrop you will find Amici Beach Club with an indoor restaurant and outdoor terrace with a great view over the Effelder Waldsee.