Car or motorbike route Roerdalen


Length: 59 km.
This car and motorbike route takes you through all the centres of the municipality of Roerdalen. You will also pass through the National Park de Meinweg, past Montfort Castle and pass the 11th century Basilica of Sint Odilienberg and the windmills of Sint Odilienberg and Melick.

The municipality of Roerdalen consists of 6 larger villages and several smaller hamlets. During this route you will get to know all the villages and various hamlets.

The municipality connects its name to the river "de Roer", the silver ribbon that runs through the whole municipality and the river that you will see and pass several times during the route. A very special place is just behind the hamlet of Lerop, where you can see a 180 degree bend in the rudder. Or the resting place at the Basilica, of St. Odille's Mountain, where you can sit at the rudder.

The route is a beautiful mix of the villages and hamlets in Roerdalen, combined with the varied nature and culture. You will get to know the Limburg countryside with its typical villages well during this route.
You will pass through De Meinweg National Park, past Montfort Castle and pass the 11th century Basilica of Sint Odiliënberg and the windmills of Sint Odiliënberg and Melick. Along the way you can enjoy typical Limburg regional products in many places. Or visit a country shop and take home a basket of regional products as a tasteful souvenir.

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59 km
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