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During the dredging and excavation of the Maasplassen, archaeological objects also emerged. Download the app and get face-to-face on site with our archaeologist. He tells you what was found during the excavation of the Maasplassen through most modern virtual technology.
This makes you feel as if you transform into the past.

Often prehistoric artefacts are only than discovered at the sorting installations where gravel and sand are processed and usually you only roughly know where these things were dredged up. We know that dozens of utensils, jewellery and weapons from the Bronze Age (2000-800 BC) emerged from the river Meuse near Roermond. Among them are many special pieces. They must have been precious at the time. One of the oldest bronze objects of our country, was dredged up near Hatenboer, west of Roermond. It's a so-called halberd, a weapon. Occasionally, the handles were made of bronze or even of arsenic-rich copper, one of the earliest metals in use. Because bronze was cast, new weaponry could also be developed. Tiny daggers dating back to the Stone Age developed into long daggers, knives and swords. Many were retrieved from the Meuse and this makes it clear that mankind trusted objects to the water for a long time.

NOTE: The Archeo location can be found opposite café Kanters, Maasstraat 5 Herten/Ool.

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