Limburg remembers its 75th liberation anniversary

Limburg’s 75th liberation anniversary

In September 2019 it’s been 75 years since the first places in the province of Limburg were liberated. This was the end of World War II in The Netherlands. The liberation of Limburg and The Netherlands started on 12 September 1944, when allied forces entered the village of Mesch (municipality of Eijsden-Margraten). Arcen (now municipality of Venlo) was the last municipality in Limburg being liberated, on 3 March 1945. 

75 years of freedom

Fortunately, we’ve experienced freedom in Limburg for 75 years now. To commemorate the liberation and the fact that in 2019 it’s been 75 years, since the war in Limburg ended, this year there is special attention for the liberation.  

Celebrating 75 years of freedom

Discover here all the activities and events that are being organised, revolving around the liberation and commemoration of World War II in Limburg. Also visit various places in Limburg that remind you of the war and the liberation in 1944 and 1945.

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