The Limburg Discount Card

What is the Limburg Card?

The Limburg Card is a card that enables up to four people to enjoy discounts in North and Central Limburg for a whole year.

Buy the Limburg Card now and take advantage of attractive discounts and special offers on meals, drinks, accommodation or activities and lots of extras in North and Central Limburg for a whole calendar year.

The Limburg Card costs €5 and can be used for a maximum of four people.

Where can I buy the Limburg Card?

You can buy the Limburg Card at various sales outlets in North and Central Limburg

The Limburg Card symbolises discount and convenience. Take a look at what the Limburg Card can offer you and come and enjoy the discounts in North and Central Limburg.

Here is a list of all the attractive offers the Limburg Card provides.

Day arrangement

DISCOUNT LIMBURG CARD: By showing the LimburgCard you'll receive, when you spend EU 25.00* or more to delicacies, a bottle of olive oil , balsamic or vinegar (your choice), value EU 8.95, as a gift.