Horse-riding in the heart of Limburg

A horseback ride through the great outdoors of Central Limburg

Almost all municipalities in Central Limburg have laid out a network of bridle paths and tracks for horse-drawn carriages. This makes it easy to set out your own route and ride your horse along special bridle paths.

Cross-border bridle paths

Germany and Belgium are easy to reach on horseback through the Nature Park Maas-Swalm-Nette, the National Park de Meinweg and the border park Grenspark Kempen~Broek. You need a permit known as a ‘Reitkennzeichen’ to be allowed to ride in the countryside or in the woods in Germany. 

Horse riders’ route planner

You can plan your own riding route or route for your horse and carriage by means of the riders’ route planner from the Tourist Information Office (VVV) in Central Limburg or you can make use of the attractive riding routes already set out in the heart of Limburg.

  • Stables, horse hotels or horse B&Bs in the heart of Limburg

    There are various places in the heart of Limburg where you and your horse can spend the night, such as at horse hotels or horse B&Bs.

    A number of stables in Central Limburg offer you the opportunity to hire a horse, attend horse-riding lessons or go horse riding on your own.

    It’s also possible to go horse riding with an instructor by prior arrangement.

  • Code of conduct for riders and drivers

    The KNHS (abbreviation for Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation)
    advises riders and drivers to stick to the following rules when riding outside:

    Stay on the bridle ways and tracks, do not ride through (new) vegetation.
    Pass other riders, drivers and hikers at a slow pace.
    Stick to the traffic rules.
    Wear suitable clothing including a riding cap.
    When riding as a group, cross roads together, riding next to each other. 
    Remove your horses dung from public roads.
    Indicate clearly which way you wish to go by putting your hand out when changing direction.
    Ask any other traffic to slow down when passing by slowly moving your arm up and down.
    And don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area!

  • Routes for horse riders and horse-and-carriage drivers

    Do you want to take your horse or horse and carriage out for a ride along scenic routes through the countryside? If so, choose a horse-riding or horse-driving route in the heart of Limburg.

    A number of ready-made routes are available for horse riders and horse-and-carriage drivers in various municipalities in Central Limburg.


  • Obstacle course for horses

    If you wish a more challenging ride, you can make use of a special obstacle course for horses. You’ll find this course in the vicinity of the Venhof stables and is specifically made for both horse riders and carriage drivers.

    The terrain is approximately 155 metres long and 25 metres wide on which large oak tree trunks are placed to make up the obstacles.

    The difficulty of the obstacles is suitable for both recreational horse riders and carriage drivers as well as professionals.