A holiday or weekend away in the heart of Limburg

Choose Central Limburg as your holiday destination or location for your weekend away!

Come and enjoy an invigorating, distinctive environment for a short break or a longer stay in the heart of Limburg.

The combination of extensive countryside, two national parks and various cross-border areas of natural beauty, breath-taking culture, the largest continuous water sports area in the Netherlands and the best city for shopping in Limburg makes a fantastic holiday experience.

Apart from that, Central Limburg shares a border with Belgium and Germany, so other cultures and surroundings are within quick and easy reach. Not only that, but Central Limburg has many German and Belgian influences which makes it feel refreshingly different. 

It is an ideal destination for a holiday or a weekend away. And Limburg has the hottest temperatures in the Netherlands in the summer months and lots of sunshine. An ideal, sunny destination close to home, in other words. 

Treat yourself to a surprising holiday or weekend break in the south and enjoy savouring the delights of Limburg!