Events and exhibitions in the heart of Limburg

Limburg has been waiting for you and welcomes you again with open arms. However, we do ask you to follow the applicable safety measures. Check the website of the event you want to visit in advance for the most up-to-date information.

An overview of all current events and activities for a day out together, can be found on the Dutch event page. The event calendar for the heart of Limburg is full of musical events, theatre productions, films, exhibitions, markets, sports, walks, cycle tours and many more big and small events.On this English page you will only find a very small selection of all possible events.  

Bicycle tour, Walking tour
Wed 7 August 2019

In Limburg you can use your own smartphone in different ways to experience local stories and history. You discover the stories behind the places you visit in a playful and interactive way.

Beleef de Archeo Route Limburg
Cultural festival, Miscellaneous
Wed 7 August 2019

HEERLEN: Algemene begraafplaats, Akerstraat 94, van: 16:00 tot 20:00, Levenslicht , Toegang is gratis.

Excursion, Open day
Wed 7 August 2019

WEERT: Sint Annamolen, Keenterstraat 1, 13:00-17:00 uur, Molenwoensdag op de Sint Annamolen van Keent, gratis

St. Annamolen Keent
Open day
Wed 7 August 2019

NEDERWEERT: Roeven, Roeven 14, iedere woensdag van: 13:30 tot 16:30, Openstelling molen Windlust, Toegang is gratis.

Openstelling molen Windlust