Cycle routes in the heart of Limburg

The heart of Limburg is perfect for cycling. Simply jump on your bike and head off out. Central Limburg has a wide range of ready-made cycle routes on offer.

These cycle routes vary in length and take you through characteristic Limburg villages, along  the River Meuse and the Maasplassen or through areas of natural beauty and National Parks

There are also a number of cycle routes with a particular theme, or you can choose a ready-made cycle route based on the numbered intersections.

If you would rather devise your own route, click on the cycle route planner.

Cycle path

The Graaf van Horne Cycle Path is a 90 km cycle route that leads mainly through nature in and around Weert.

Graaf van Horne cycling route
Cycle path

Length: 46 km. Border Brook Route: the name says it all. This route crosses meandering streams such as the Tungelroyse Beek numerous times. Many of the streams are being restored in recent years. In this way they get back their natural, erratic course. That is a beautiful sight.

Grensbeken fietsroute - Border Brook Route
Cycle path

Route 42.5 km. This cross-border cycle route will carry you along beautiful villages, hamlets and farms on both banks of the river Maas.

Grensoverschrijdende legendefietsroute
Cycle path

This 35 km route is a loop, which leads along the border between Stramproy, Leudal and Kinrooi/Molenbeersel.

Sint Jan Stramproy
Cycle path

Weert waschosen the greenest region of the world in 2014. Weert also won gold in the national green competition Entente Florale 2012 a the European title in 2013.

Groenste stad Noord
Cycle path

Length: 36.3 km . In 2014 Weert was chosen the greenest region of the world in. Weert also won gold in the national green competition Entente Florale 2012 and the European title in 2013!

Groenste stad Zuid
Cycle path

Length: 40 km. Enjoy the beautiful Leudal during the cross-border cycle route Groot Buggenum. A special castle is located in the village of Grathem.

Groot Buggenum cycle route
Cycle path

Route: approx. 71 km long. It's possible to cycle this route during the entire year. VVV Midden-Limburg, in cooperation with a number of catering establishments, has put together a Hap & Trap Maasstadjes cycle route; a cycle route with 3 culinary stops along the way on special terraces/ catering establishments.

Cycle path

Length: 43,3 km. Roermond is a beautiful town with a rich cultural history, and is surrounded by nature. This city still harbours many unknown places that would amaze even its own inhabitants.

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