Asparagus – Midden-Limburg’s White Gold

The asparagus is a very special local produce, which explains its many nicknames:  Vegetable Queen, White Gold, Pearl of the Land and Points d'amour!

Explore Midden-Limburg by bicycle and see for yourself how the asparagus grow in Limburg’s sandy soil. 


There is a beautiful asparagus route around Roermond and the Meinweg and another beautiful trail, on which you pass many asparagus fields, around Weert and Stramproy. Tasty, top quality asparagus, just waiting to be discovered.

Midden-Limburg, you will taste it once you get there!


Asparagus Season

The asparagus season lasts about two months. The first asparagus spears break through the soil in spring. The official asparagus season runs from the second Thursday in April to 24th June (Saint John's). 

Asparagus spears are classified according to thickness and appearance. 


Superior quality asparagus are AA-size (20-28 mm), straight, regular, not blemished, have a good length, no hollow stems or physiological rust (brown spots) and tightly closed tips that are not discoloured.


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How to prepare asparagus

When preparing asparagus, it is important to peel the spears well. You best use a special asparagus knife or a vegetable peeler. You can keep asparagus for a few days, if stored in a refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag, and/or covered with a wet towel.

Asparagus are cooked in in 8-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the spears. Add just enough water to cover the asparagus. Asparagus are traditionally served up with cooked ham, a boiled egg and melted butter. They go perfectly with a glass of fine white wine, like an Alsatian (Pinot blanc).


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  • How to prepare asparagus 2

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